Euthanasia Speech

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Prompt - Write a speech as doctor vouching for the legalisation of euthanasia directed at the anti-supporters of euthanasia.

Choose to end your life… No, it’s not suicide

The year of 2008 was revolutionary for the Netherlands. It marked a new beginning and gave terminally ill patients a new sense of hope. The Netherlands was the first country to legalise an act that would and can help thousands of people today evade the misery and sufferings of having to pull through until they can’t hold on anymore. Euthanasia can be life changing. The majority of us today do not understand the significance behind passing this bill. We don’t understand what it feels like to step into the shoes of a chronically ill human. We don’t understand their pain and
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Then why can’t the suffering people end their lives the way they want? Why should me suddenly enforce laws to stop them from ending their lives when they want and how they want? Nobody dream of having to die with a monster engulfing their insides while they are connected to tubes and ventilators in an ICU of an hospital while they are being assisted with palliative care. In every situation there comes a stage a after which all hope is lost. It is at this stage that we, as humans, allow these people to choose how they want to move on. Voluntary euthanasia should be granted to those who see no light at the end of their suffering…show more content…
When her caretakers and her family decided to appeal a judge to carry out euthanasia on her to rid her of her sufferings, the appeal of was decline. She lay in that coma until pneumonia snatched her life away. All possible resources at the hospital was used to try and get her out of the coma. But, all their efforts were in vain. After all those years of trying and failing to help her, she ended her life having to suffer the dreadful pneumonia before she moved on. Was it fair that she had to suffer? Was it fair to keep her family blinded by hope? Everyone was living in the shadows of hopefulness, wishing to succeed a seemingly impossible
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