Euthanasia Vs Plato Assisted Suicide

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Assisted suicide is euthanasia of a suffering, severely ill patient performed by a doctor . This is a very controversial topic in today's time. People argue that if someone is terminally ill then they should have the option to end their lives. On the other side of the argument people think the person making the decision might not be in the right state of mind or mentally stable. I view this as a logical way of taking someone out of their sufferance. For example say my grandmother had dementia and she had been suffering for months and her mind wasn't right anymore. I would think the best decision would be for her to be taken out of her suffering. The problem, however, is if she was not in the right state of mind then who would choose to make the ethical decision of ending her life?…show more content…
Assisted suicide in relation to ethics brings up the philosopher Plato. Plato believed in the harmony of life and the ethical way of the four virtues: wisdom, temperance, courage and justice.Plato believing in the harmony of life would be against what in this time era is called assisted suicide or euthanasia. Plato would view this as unethical. Plato believed that the Gods should be the one to decide the fate of someone. He would not find it ethical for the doctor to assist a patient in suicide. In Law, one of the dialogues Plato wrote that suicide is not right and whoever acts upon it should be buried in a grave that was not marked. If this is the case then the doctor is is in the
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