Euthanizing Nola's Argumentative Essay

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“Nola (a female White Rhino) was euthanized — put to sleep — at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park on Sunday, according to a statement from the park on its Facebook page. Her illness from a bacterial infection and age-related health problems had become worse.” Wrote Washington Post. Nola was put to sleep because she was in a condition that continued to get worse, and her pain persisted. It was necessary for her to get euthanized because she was suffering and in lots of pain. I believe it is ethical to euthanize animals that are suffering, but never if they are still healthy. It was the best decision for Nola because her quality of life was so poor.

Nola was euthanized because of age related health issues that continued to worsen. (Stated Sarah Kaplan, Washington Post) The lifespan of a White Rhino is 35-40 years old. Nola was 41 years old, she had exceeded her expected lifetime. Nola also had an incurable infection that was causing her extreme pain and suffering. Her condition was also leading to death. In this situation euthanization was definitely ethical because of her pain. According to, Bacterial Nafisa Baxamusa, Bacterial infections can be spread by bites by mosquitoes, ticks, or bird droppings. Keeping Nola alive would have put the last 3 remaining rhinos at risk for
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Nolas circumstance is an example of this. Still, some people think that it is never ethical to euthanize animals but I still believe that if the animal is suffering or is harming its species with an incurable, contagious infection it is ethical to put the animal to sleep. Nola had exceeded her expected lifespan, so there was no reason to continue to have her suffer. She also had a contagious bacterial infection which was causing her pain and suffering, and was also a potential threat to eliminating the rest of her species. Making the decision to euthanize an animal is always difficult and sad. However, in some cases it is
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