Euthyphro Argumentative Essay

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Marcus Schimmelfennig – Euthyphro Essay – Philosophy 150 The argument Euthyphro and Socrates go about talking about is a murder case Euthyphro is about to be a part of. Euthyphro is prosecuting a man who is being prosecuted for murdering a murderer. It begins as such, the man murdered was caught in a murder and the second murderer tied him up and threw him in a ditch, but forgot about him so the first murderer died of hunger and the cold weather. The second murderer was Euthyphro’s very own father so, with this in mind, he is having trouble determining if he should prosecute his father to be guilty or not guilty for the action he committed was indefinitely an illegal act, but, I this time period of the case, the murderer would have been facing a death sentence in the end anyways if he would have been caught by an authority. Socrates hears of this and immediately goes to tries to explain to Euthyphro that he himself would be committing an impious action. “it is unholy for one to prosecute his father.” With that rolling through Euthyphro’s mind, Socrates ask him, “what do you think…show more content…
Euthyphro finds this to be correct because of the wrong and/or criminal act that is present in the set conflict involving his father with the other worker when he tied him up and left him to die; he thinks this was an unholy act and with this act in should be punished through consequence. Socrates disregarded this definition for he didn’t ask Euthyphro to give him ‘one or two pieties but the form itself that makes all pious actions pious and all Impious are impious threw one form.” (pg.4) with this quote Socrates is saying that Euthyphro said that what he is doing is of piety and that all those involved would also be termed
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