Eutrophication In China

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Introduction China is the second biggest country in the world, and it has got the largest population in the same time. Since the reform of Chinese government in 1980s, China gradually became a powerful country base on agriculture. Because of the significant success on the economical benefits brought by agriculture, the damage to the environment follows up. This has caused the loss of profits in tourist industry and increased the cost of fresh clean water in China. One of the most severe problem caused by agriculture goes towards the environment and human society is eutrophication. Eutrophication describes the situation of excessive richness of nutrients in water body, which mainly caused by human activities. Due to the fact that environmental…show more content…
The chemical fertilizer is used most widely in China and produces the most amount of pollutant. The chemical fertilizer contains different amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium base on the different use on crops. For example, corn needs nitrate more than potassium and phosphates, but spinach needs more potassium than nitrate and phosphorus. In addition to that, for rhizome type of crops like beetroots, nitrate will boost the growth of their leaves and therefore the economical beneficial root part will be…show more content…
This is a factor from the agriculture that affects the eutrophication significantly. Besides the nutrients contain in the animals wastes, there are also many bacteria that affects the eutrophication. Fecal coliform and Escherichia coli are often seen in the animal wastes. When those bacteria get into the water, like many other bacteria, they will use up the oxygen in water when decomposing the dead organisms caused by algal bloom that therefore worsen the situation of eutrophication. Aquatic farming often causes the plankton bloom in the ocean surface. Due to limited condition in water farming, it is hard to control the complete usage of food and it is impossible for the farmers to clean up the feces and carcasses produced in floating water. Also because of the crowded environment of the aquatic farming area, the highly concentrated nutrients will likely cause the plankton bloom. When this happens, it will also effect the production of aquatic farming and effect Chinese

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