Eva Galler: A Tragic Time In History

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The Holocaust, a tragic time in history. Genocide committed by the hands of Adolf Hitler and his minions. A total death of around six million Jews. Some were lucky enough to escape to a life of freedom. Each survivor has its own unique story. Today, you will learn the unique story of Eva Galler.
Born on January 1, 1924 in Oleszyce, Poland, Eva Galler’s community consisted of 7,000 families. Her father distributed religious articles and her mother was an orphan. Unlike most girls her age, Eva went to high school and was receiving an education. While all of this was going on she was aware of the Nazis and the events in Germany. No one believed Germany would really invade Poland until it was too late. Germany occupied all of Poland in just a matter of days. …show more content…

Eva’s town was on the Russian side putting the Russians in charge. Her father was forced to close down his business causing Eva to obtain a job as the assistant assessor in the local internal revenue office. On June 1941, early in the morning, gunshots could be heard and German motorcycles seen. Soldiers killing anyone on the street. This moment is the major turning point in Eva Galler’s life.
Jews were not allowed to have a job. All money in banks were confiscated. A Judenrat, a Jewish council created under German orders, was created putting a few Jews responsible for the entire Jewish community. Armbands were used to recognize Jews and orders came everyday for people to go work hard labor. Going against orders resulted in death. The inventory of the synagogue, where a Jewish congregation meets for worship, was burning and the buildings themselves, all three of them. Neighbors and friends laughed while the Germans made everyone line up parade through

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