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. Problem-Solving: It is an instrumental technique where teachers and students attempt in a conscious planned and purpose full effort to arrive at some solution. (Aggarawal, 1996) Problem solving focuses on activities that are relevant and useful to the life of the learners than just learning by memorizing of facts. That may have no connection with their life. According to, Lue (2000), problem based learning is derived from the conviction that the learner is an active and creative with the will and ability to seek individual knowledge and solve development. iii. Demonstration: Methods: This technique may use by the students or the teacher. It must be very well planned, and the necessary equipment materials must be ready at the designated demonstration…show more content…
The total number of grade ten students of the school were750, and the number of English teachers was six. There were also a director and two vice-directors. From the total number of students that were taken as sample size for the study were50 in which five students were selected from each section of the fifteen sections through random sampling method using lottery method. All the teachers and the directors, however, were taken without sampling because they are easily manageable. Therefore, the total subjects of the study were…show more content…
The interview was conducted with English teachers and directors of the study area. Observation was also used as the third data collection tool. According to Wajnryb (1995), “Being in classroom as an observer opens up a range of experiences and processes which can become part of the raw material of a teacher's professional growth” (p. 1). The two weeks’ observations were made on five sections, in the sample school in grade ten regarding the teachers, students and students’ activities in the classroom and at school level in general, and on the teachers' self-evaluation system by preparing

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