Evaluate How Leadership Styles Can Be Adopted To Different Situations Essay

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Task 1.3: Evaluate how leadership styles can be adopted to different situations.

There are several leadership styles and each style has a significant importance as per situation.
It is depend on organization to analyse the situation & take initiatives for correct style. When organization makes strategy decision, it should consider leadership style to achieve organization goals. For example, If situation is worst in any organization then autocratic style is best for implementation. In this style, decision making quickly and implementation for achieving organization goals. There is no argument or questing regarding order. If situation is best then Democratic style is suitable to achieve organization goals. How to predictable the strengths and weakness of each leadership style & How this information can be functional to a given work situation. Effective leaders in any organizations are competent to quickly recognize the correct style in a given time frame.

Be able to apply management and leadership theory to support organisational direction
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Nike has started to studythe company 's success in areas and also recognized the principles have been by manygroups. Bureaucratic leadership style is used to achieve the organization goals, in which follow the CERES principle, policies&risk. Nike has special attention to avoid PVC in its product, reuse shoes for recycled, working organic cotton and reducing emissions. Trait theory can be seen because they focus on quality, determination and decision making to achieve the setting goals and focus on peoples. Classical theory applied because Nike company focus on quality, specialization and management-worker relationship while making product for client, its product give comfort and long lasting advantage and, special benefit in the field of
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