Kolb's Key Influences On Personal Learning Process

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Introduction: This is a written piece which is about key influences on personal learning process of individuals. This means that people learn in different ways and styles. There are also two theories that are included and different learning styles which are Kolb’s and Honey, Mumford. Also included influence on learning, skills for learning, support for learning and learning opportunities.
The theories of learning: Kolb’s/ Honey and Mumford.
Kolb’s experiential learning cycle: Kolb’s helps us to understand how all adults learn. The techniques that people learn from are called cognitive abilities. Kolb’s optional that during early adulthood and teens we intend to develop instinctive preferences as to the way that we process information and
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They develop physically because they may do an outside activity where they are using their legs and arms. Social is when they are learning they may communicate because they are stuck or need help how to do it. They may also develop emotionally where they may like something because they find it easy or opposite, which means they might be happy or sad and intellectual, will help them to gain knowledge and their brain, will…show more content…
This helps other people fill their gap in their knowledge that they have beforehand this creates a good learning experience for them with their peers. As an experience people learn by being around the others because when you are working in a group, everyone gathers information and build ideas which mean that you can learn new ideas and use them effectively. Working in a group it can help to gain other knowledge what they do not know form other people and this helps you to understand better. If people do not gain knowledge form others then they may not experience group work effectively this can be because they will miss out on different learning styles. This can make them have more of a negative learning experience; by this this it will not help them and
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