Evaluate The Relationship Between Organizational Design And Change Management

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P4. Evaluate the relationship between organizational design and change management The changing environment: The environment of business change regularly in present business world. Internal and external environment are both can be changed. Internal environment is planned environment which can be manipulated by decisions but external environment is out of manager’s control which really impact on the business. Few factors might be changing whose have power to change the environment of organizations. Market factors: It represents the current situation of demand, supply and competitor of the market. Any of one is change organization’s strategy should be change to cop-up with market. Technological Factors: Technology is the most variable things in…show more content…
Because law and political unstable condition of a country, can create problem for business. Cultural, social and behavioral factors: This factors change hardly but if any time start to change might also impact on the economy. Change management: Change management is change in individual or group. In an organization it might be happened full process or management system needs to change for any reason. This change in fully internal and can be happened for reasonable or unreasonable internal and external reason. In Amazon if it is necessary. There are few theories of change management Curt Lewis’s theory talks about three steps of change business management process. The first step is unfreeze the present management system , then the second step is transition into finest way and last step is unfreeze the changed system John Katter talked about 8 steps of changed management. Those are establishing urgency, forming strong procedure, fixed vision, communicating this vision, self-staffing power providing to employee, short-term planning, operational cycle creating and change the cycle in every starting time if necessary. Barriers to

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