Evaluating The Author's Perception Of Death, By Leisel

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Leisel is just a girl who is growing up during the start of WW2 when a boy named Max comes knocking on her door. This book is about a German girl named liesel, and her father Hans Hubertman. Her mother left her when she was little, after her brother died. Leisel has nightmares until one day her dad found a book she had, and started to teach her how to read. Ever since then she loved to read and has stolen some books here and there. In this essay I will be evaluating, predicting, and connecting.
I evaluate that the author in the book is death. In the beginning it explains how everyone is going to die. And then the author goes into more detail and says things such as, do not be afraid I am nothing but fair. In this quote from the book, you get the intimation that he is death. In this sentence the author is talking about how when you die he will carry you away. The author also talks about the colors in the sky, and he asks what color the sky will be when he comes to get a person. Death is like a person. When one would think about death they might think of an action or the thought of death. In this book the author makes death seem like a person who is telling the story of a little
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He is like my cousin Macy because they are both young and in that love stage. Macy is a lot like Rudy, for instance she is as hyper and as confident as Rudy. Rudy will stick by the side of Leisel just as a loyal friend would do. Macy is also really hyper and will do things to get the attention of boys. Rudy much like Macy will do anything to get kisses and hugs from the girl he likes. Macy has a lot of fortitude when it comes to guys. Rudy also has that when he asks Leisel if she would kiss him. Rudy is like cupid who just wants love, where as liesel just wants to be friends. Macy is like a puppy, even if you don’t want love from her she will give it to you. So in conclusion Macy and Rudy are similar because they both are loyal and in that love
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