Evaluative Essay: Review Of Margaret Edson's 'Wit'

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Evaluative Essay
Loretta Gonzales
Galen College of Nursing
November 18, 2017 Introduction
A “professional” is an individual exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, knowledgeable in the subject of their profession, and has generally business-like manners in the work place. The concepts that are being learned in these nursing courses are based upon caring and professionalism; they are crucial to keep in mind while watching and interpreting the content of this film. This film is a depiction of unprofessionalism and is characterized by the rebelliousness to the technical or ethical standards of health care providers.
This movie by Mike Nichols and Emma Thomson was based on the play of the same title “Wit” written by Margaret Edson. Emma
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At age 48, Vivian is diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer by well-established physician Harvey Kelekian (Christopher Lloyd) depiction of unprofessional. He gets her to approve to aggressively harsh chemotherapy that will help serve his research agenda and to help appeal to the tightly scholarly commitment already in progress. The patient, Vivian Bearing, experienced several unprofessional behaviors from those providing her care. From one side of the walls of the special clinic where work professionals and well-qualified doctors, but from the other side we see absence of attention to patients only in the frames of university course. They speak only words, but no emotions and there is an absence of sympathy. Humanity is a problematic question in this situation, because doctors were trying to help their patients, and Vivian was among them, but she was not like a person with her own world, but only an experimental sample for tests, a piece of white paper for taking notes and studying her interesting disease.This system ironically sacrifices the well-being of individual patients, not necessarily with their full consent, for the research and professional interests of the physicians who appear to control it. They abuse the patients right for themselves so self-indulged in the increasing knowledge that is being retained and with no worry at no cost to them but at a considerable
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