Evangelistic Meeting Experience Essay

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In January, 1994, someone invited me to an evangelistic meeting at Temple Seventh day Adventist Church in Haiti. I spent almost one month listening to the word of God. I found out that God can repair any broken person who came sincerely to him. I decided to give God total control of my life. In July 31, 1994, I received the baptism by immersion. After the baptism, I started having affairs with women again. It was in December 1994 when a friend of my mine had a dream about me. In his dream, he saw the sky opened and we are all seating near a river when a helicopter came down, picked up my elder brother and him. The helicopter went back to the open sky and left me down on earth. After, he finished explaining the dream to me on Thursday…show more content…
I arrived on Friday night at JFK Airport. The first thing I asked my father was if there is a Seventh day Adventist church in Brooklyn. My mother had already made plan for me with someone named Raymond Medi. He was an elder of Jerusalem French speaking church in Brooklyn, New York. This elder had a small group. The mission of that small group was to go out praying with the sick people, visiting those who do not come to church making sure that they were well, provided bible study for those who wanted to know about God, and lastly we had time to socialize with each other. Elder Medi had help me in the continuing of the spiritual journey that I started in Haiti. He taught me how to preach, how to pray, how to do visitation, and how to do Bible study. He had played a wonderful role in my spiritual life. I was fully involved in the church. Whenever, there is visitation after church, I was always there. I was affiliated with almost all departments in the church without having any title because I just like helping people. Every Sunday morning, I was in the head of a group going out doing Bible study, praying with people, and also comforting those who were depressed. I never get tired of doing ministry. After two years of attending the church and proving myself as a worthy dependent young man, the pastor of the church consecrated me with two other brothers as deacons. I was the youngest ordain deacon
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