Evaporation Test Lab Report

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How can you separate beads, iron, salt, and sand into four piles of separate substances?


Mixture (Beads, Iron, Salt, Sand)
Digital Scale
8 Dixie Cups as Containers(a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h)
Plastic Wrap
1 short box
Clear packing tape
1 Magnet
1 Index Card
1 Small Glass Brownie Tray
2 50 mL glass beaker
Plastic Spoon
Coffee Filtering Paper
1 heating plate
1 sheet of paper
Small dusting brush (If anything spills)

Gather materials.
Label Containers “a-h”
Tape the inside of the box so that there are no open cracks.
Mass starting mixture (Be extremely careful not to spill).
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Lighty turn and shake beaker occasionally. (DO NOT TOUCH HOT BEAKER WITH HANDS! Use lab equipment that will let you SAFELY move the hot beaker).
Turn off heating plate but leave beaker on it to finish evaporating the water.
Let heating plate and beaker cool down.
Remove all salt from beaker into a plastic container “g”. Scrape off ALL extra salt to make sure you have everything(If salt isn’t completely dry then spread out and let the rest of the water evaporate on its own. Do not wash out beaker until you know that ALL of the salt is removed from it). Mass all of the separate substances (Beads, Iron, Salt, and Sand).
Place plastic container “h” on the digital scale.
Zero the scale.
Pour one of the 4 substances into the plastic container “h”.
Record mass of first substance.
Put the first substance back into the its original container.
Wash out the container “h” if needed.
Put container “h” back on the digital scale.
Zero the scale again.
Repeat steps C-H until all 4 substances have been massed.
Add all 4 masses together to make sure that it is equal to the starting mass (The mass of all 4 substances
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