Evaporative Polymer Research Paper

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Ergodyne Chill-Its 6710 Evaporative Polymer Cooling Dew Rag is another product from the Chill-its range. It is high-absorbing cooling towel which can be converted into a headband and headgear. This product is popular in the market with its super feature of acrylic polymer crystals which are highly evaporative. It helps in absorbing the water and sweat to evaporate it and provide cooling effects. This cooling effect in turn cools the body part where this cooling towel is used; be it head, hand, shoulder or anywhere. Also, due to its high absorbing and evaporating power, this can be superficially used for sports activities like camping, baseball, soccer, biking, softball and Yoga. Well, this is not it; this headgear can even be used at home while landscaping the…show more content…
Currently, these gears have been converted into cooling machines which without any electrical energy cool the body; they cool the body temperature up to 30 degrees. Yes, it is true and one such product is Ergodyne’s 6605 High Performance Headband. This hand band is a normal looking bandanna, which is just no normal. Once damped and wore, this works like a cooling unit. Wrapped on the head, it used evaporation cooling techniques to keep the head cool in a temperature up to 100 degrees. It not only cools your head, but also make your body feel relaxed under the boiling sun. So, no matter if you are a sports person or a normal man working any industrial site or working in your garden, the bandanna with its moisture management technology, will help maintain the body temperature by providing proper cooling for more than 24 hours. Adding more into the comfort, the product also has an elastic back for a perfect fit for all types of heads. So, make Ergodyne 6605 High Performance Headband your perfect pick and let it show your cool and maintain your cool under the red-hot

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