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The book was published on 2011. It was written by Eve Blossom, a designer who owns Lulan Artisans. It is a business that partners itself with cooperatives. Aside from Lulan Artisans, the book also mentions different entrepreneurs who may not be all managing social businesses, however, they operate with a clear social vision in mind.
Eve Blossom has a background in architecture, design, business development, and marketing. She is well versed in the field of design and it is her passion. In 1992, she went to a marketplace in Hanoi, North Vietnam. There was still a provision in the country called “Trading with the Enemy Act”, an act that limits the countries’ trading with the United States; this act was not lifted until 1994. Tourism was not as
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Lulan works with more than 650 spinners, dyers, weavers, and finishers in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. Their partners are artisans in cooperatives. They are much like the village that Eve met during her trip in Hanoi, Vietnam. These partners spin the fibers, dye the threads, and weave the cloth. Their looms are hand built, their raw materials naturally grown. One of their main objectives is to create jobs in these communities. By providing people with economic options, human trafficking can be prevented and communities can become more stable. Eve, from her experience of working with their weaving partners, learned that true sustainability has six key components, which Lulan highlights: ecological, economic, social, cultural, communal, and personal. Their artisans are earning a living wage and discovering new business opportunities for their skills and products. Lulan goes even further, discerning the specific needs of the individual communities and offering tailored benefits, such as education and housing allowances. The benefits given by Lulan vary from place to place because the people pick the benefits that work best for them as a group. Eve believes that this helps to strengthen the community in the short and long term. Individuals who see the effects of these benefits personally can value them even more…show more content…
Jordan Kassalow. It provides affordable eyeglasses and business opportunities in the developing world. Dr. Kassalow is an optometrist. When he was first studying to be a doctor of optometry, he joined a student group called Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity. They set up clinics to provide eye care in underserved areas in the world. He went to a small rural town in the center of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. There, he treated a seven-year-old boy from a local school for the blind. When he saw the boy, he immediately knew the child’s problems were beyond his expertise. He called his professor over to look at the by and she said to Dr Kassalow that the boy is not blind. He was just profoundly myopic, and it could be corrected. He realized that the child, who goes to a school for the blind, is not actually blind but just need a really strong pair of glasses. They gave the child the strongest prescription glasses they had, and suddenly, the blank stare of a blank child transformed into this incredible universal smile of joy. He saw the world for the first time, and Dr. Kassalow was the first person he had ever seen. He, in that instant, turned from a blind child into a sighted child, and Dr. Kassalow learned what success was. This happened in 1984, but VisionSpring was not founded until 2002. During those two decades, Dr. Kassalow developed skills that he needed to feel confident in starting his own

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