Eve Bunting's The Terrible Things And Child Of The Holocaust

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Could you imagine what it would be like to live during the time of the Holocaust? Could you imagine being sent to a concentration camp? Having your family and friends be murdered for no reason? While many are scared to think of living during this horrific time, some people had to live through this. Eve Bunting and Fred Gross educate readers on the importance of the Holocaust and why we need to learn about it. The Terrible Things and Child of the Holocaust share ideas about the Holocaust and share morals revolving around this event in history.

Eve Bunting’s, The Terrible Things, is an allegory that shares the story of a group of forest animals that are picked off species-by-species from their clearing in the woods. The Terrible Things come and take away all of the forest animals until there were no more animals left in the clearing. The animals do not try to fight for their fellow species when they are taken away until Little
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This was the message that the Eve Bunting was trying to get across her viewers; teamwork can result in a different outcome. She states in her author’s note, “The Nazi’s killed millions of Jews and others in the Holocaust. If everyone had stood together at the first sign of evil would this have happened?” Since the story is an allegory that stands for the Holocaust, each animal is a different group of people that the Terrible things, or the Nazis, took away. The author’s point of view, shared through her allegory, is that if people work together, they can change the way that events can occur. An example of this message that Eve Bunting included, was when Little Rabbit thought, “‘I should have tried to help the other rabbits.’ he thought. ‘If only we creatures had stuck together, it could have been different.’” Eve Bunting included this message into her story to let people learn a moral. She wanted to teach about
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