Evean's Family Case Study

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1. Describe the range of emotions associated with being the parent of a child with special needs. Select two emotional states and describe how you as a teacher would you work with a parent experiencing these emotions.
The range of emotions associated with being the parent of a child with special needs includes grief. The parents of children with disabilities are dealing with grief knowing that their hopes and dreams for their child have been changed. They also may feel depressed, angry, anxious, fearful, be in denial, and feel guilty. Some parents may even feel the emotion of joy. It increases their ability to love, strengths their family ties, gives them a greater sense of pride, and teaches them to enjoy the little things in life. As a teacher, I would be great with working with parents who are dealing with the mixed
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Imagine you are a teacher in Reese's new school. Describe three ideas you have for building a relationship with Reese's family and how you would go about making the family feel welcome in your school.
The first thing that I would do is having Reese a welcome party, this will help her feel welcome in her new classroom! This party could give Reese the opportunity to meet more students and form friendships. The next thing that I would do is set up a meeting with Reese's mom and explain to her that if she needs anything to please contact me. This will build a relationship with Reese's family. The final thing that I would do is make sure that Reese always has someone to sit with during the lunch hour. This could be a helper to show her where her classes are and where her locker is.
5. Imagine that you, as Reese's new teacher, have just returned from a visit to Reese's grandparents. During your home visit, Reese's mother vented about her failed relationship with her husband and the reasons for their divorce. Now the teachers in the teachers' lounge are pushing you for the juicy details. What is your responsibility in this situation and

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