Evening Hawk Literary Devices

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Author, Robert Penn Warren, in his poem Evening Hawk, he portrays how mankind is ignorant of their life being. Warren’s purpose is to illustrate the means of life. He does so by adopting a melancholic tone in order to obtain the readers attention of humanity’s mistakes. Warren expresses the ideas of how time is never ending, that our days are judged upon, and the ignorance of humanity can have. Time is continuous and so are human mistakes, but at the end of the day everybody will be judged. In the beginning, the author expresses how time is never ending. The author uses precise diction to describe nightfall in which can be inferred as death. He uses “plane of light”, “sunset”, “shadow”, “last”, and “the hawk comes” in which he expresses that time will not stop even for death. Night is darkness, in which death will fall upon. Before we know it our life has been concluded. Warren also employs symbolism by using the hawk to symbolize a greater being. It states how the hawk is soaring low near the ground to a point where he can see mankind. The poem mentions, “Scythes down” and “the crashless fall”, if we were to say the hawk was God, then we can assume that by “[scything down]” he has taken the life of somebody, and by “the crashless fall” he is taking…show more content…
Warren utilizes imagery The poem states, “Drip in darkness like a leaking pipe in the cellar”. We associate a leaking pipe with an unfinished job that was probably caused by a distraction. Humans are very well known to be distracted upon something we favor/endure. Distractions make humans ignorant of what is actually going on. The “Drip in darkness” is like the night, when everybody is asleep and the droplets of water fall one by one. Nobody actually hears the water drip because there is no time or patience too. Diversions prevent the human being to learn more or pay attention to the details in which can make us
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