Event Management Critical Review

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The Chosen Organizations for the Assignment are McDonald and Empire College London. McDonalds is one of the world largest and famous fast food chains providing quality food since decades. McDonalds is a specialized company in providing the fast food such as burgers and related products within the premises. But now it is going to enter in a new market of event management.
Empire College London is one of the London’s most reputable institutes for the home and overseas students. It is dedicated to providing career oriented education and directs the students to achieve their goals. . Empire college convocations usually held within college premises but this year college has decided to organize a mega event of two days, convocation day and outing
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(4) Outcome Factor
Desired outcomes of the project should be projected and documented.

Critical review is a short note of the structure of the project and its specification and implementation. This consist of
It consist of introductory lines or title of the project. It may be a paragraph or two depending on the nature of the project. Along with the opening sentence of the project a very short conclusive lines are also a part of introduction.
It is the extraction of the whole project starting from the title to conclusions and examples. But it should be very briefly describe so the project theme can easily be understood.
Benefits and drawbacks of the project, evaluation and finding along with the recommendations that can be made for the betterment of the project included in this section
Critique can be written in different ways such as:
• Important text should give the priority
• Negative remarks should be mention first if more positive remarks are present and vice versa.
• Recommendation and suggestion should include at the end.
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Managing any outdoor event is never being done by McDonalds. The project with the Empire College will provide the opportunity to open a new market for the McDonalds.

Technical Aspect: the technical measures should be taken to make the project successful. Major challenge is set the goals and objectives for the satisfaction of the customers.

Project management, planning and implementation cycle:

Planning and implementation of the project is essential for the success of the project. There are much kind of resources like man power, skills, equipments and budget. Planning should be done to meet the goals and objectives of the project. There must be a complete coordination among process. The risks and its management are important for the successful implementation and completion of the project.

Task 2

Match appropriate resources to a project
Many types of resources required for the execution of the project. Finance related resources and human resources are the major
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