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Event management companies making and developing large scale events which may consist of meetings, conventions, shows, trade shows, carnivals, wedding ceremonies etc.
SKILLS TO SUCCEED Event management involvesoutstanding and wonderfuladministrative skills to make their functions look great and charming.
Event management begins with the process of listening the dreams of customers and then fulfilling their dreams in each and every step of event arranging. Communication with the clients at all levels is very important to make an event more successful. (Woodward, 2016)


In this article first author discuss about event planning. Gaynor’s definition is to focuses on attention to events in the public area where the local sector
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As we are discussing about the events and development of the industry events. Although the data which support this is quite limited. If the term events industry is to be thoroughly explored and researched along with training, skills and development and education, additional work is mandatory. In this context AEME (Association for Events Management Education) is organized for the people to carry out the existing research. This scheme consisted of data collection, review of related literature and synthesis. The purpose of the study was to determine and appraise the key research along with its definition, size and significance of the event industry. The review of related literature also examined the gaps in the existing research to make fruitful recommendations for upcoming research…show more content…
Crowdsourcing means to obtain help from internet users in order to perform specific service.
Event professionals can use this trend.
2-Collaborative Planning

There should be complete planning about the event. Here also technology can be used. Like Facebook, there can be a group on Facebook where everyone can share their views. There can be polling, site scoping, ticket price set, sponsor tracking and project management.
3-VIP Check in

Whenever anyone check your event either through registration or social network, you should know them. You need to know about your audience so that you can contact them online.
4-Social Media Checking For Events

There should be social media tool for your event. It can be Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. you need to be everywhere. The tool should be customer service tool through which you can facilitate your customer. Through this tool your customer can get information about your event.
5-Your Problem

Use the event management blog and share your problem there. You can find the solution if your service exits.(Solaris, 2013)


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