Events In The City Of Tombstone

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The 1993 movie “Tombstone” directed by George Cosmatos is an American western film based on events which occurred in the City of Tombstone, Arizona during the late 19th century. The events include “Earp Vendetta Ride” and the “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral” (Agnew, 2012). In the movie, the Earp brothers, Wyatt, Morgan and Virgil decide to leave their history as gunslingers behind with the aim of settling down in Tombstone, Arizona as legitimate businessmen. However, their plans soon change when a ruthless gang of cowboys mark them as targets. The Earp brothers are hence forced to pick up their guns again so as to reinstate order in the town with the help of Doc Holliday – Wyatt’s best friend (Agnew, 2012). As a movie, “Tombstone” relates to criminal
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