Events Presented In Macbeth

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Macbeth is presented in a straightforward, linear way. The events are told in the order that they occurred. The plot is arranged by the 3 sister witches, and their prophesy is that Macbeth is going to be king. Macbeth soon realizes that King Duncan is going to have to be murdered. Macbeth is encouraged by Lady Macbeth to commit the murder. Once, Duncan is murdered the only way Macbeth sees to keep the murder a secret is to keep murdering. The climax of the play is when Macbeth see Banquo's ghost. When the ghost appears it seem that things begin to change for Macbeth. The denouement of the play is when Macbeth realizes that he can't trust the witched. He goes out fighting, but in the end he is killed by the Macduff. The protagonist in Macbeth,…show more content…
Then the witch appear and tell he is going to be king and then he is filled with pride and unrighteous ambition. I think this is something that all of us can relate to. What the witches said, where partial truth and not the whole truth. Maybe it would make the audience as the question, is this too good to be true? Even the thought of having power corrupted Macbeth. Once Macbeth committed the murder he felt that he had the power to continue murdering. Therefore, the audience can see that power corrupts. The third theme in this play is violence. Violence ended up destroying Macbeth. He solved all of his problems with violence. It makes the audience stop and think about how to rationally problem solve and that murder is not the answer. Shakespeare uses a lot of symbolism in Macbeth. Blood is the first one that comes to mind. When Macbeth kills Duncan, there is blood covering the hands. Then at the end of the play when Lady Macbeth is talking about the spot on her hands, she is talking about blood and how they must be washed to be cleansed of the sin. The other on the stuck out to me was the symbolism of the snake. The snake is evil, but he is covered and waiting to

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