Events That Changed America

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A changing nation can enforce a growing sense of national pride and identity through different time periods. Events that changed America a long time ago still affect us today. A few of these changes the government made during the Era of Good Feelings. This is a time that the government made dumb laws and the people did not care because they had just was a war and were full of a sense of nationalism for America. When Andrew Jackson was elected, American went into a time called the Age of Jackson. He vetoed many laws that he did not like, and strengthened the central government. An act that many presidents didn’t like was the fact that every state had the right to nullify a federal law whenever they wanted. Andrew Jackson vetoed this. America changes sometimes for the better and the worst. How America changes affects the way the people want to live here, or want to leave here. It all depends on what’s happening in America. People in America were feeling a strong sense of nationalism after winning the War of 1812. The government was making laws that U.S. citizens did not care about because they had trust in the government. The government started out by…show more content…
Andrew Jackson made rich people pay the same taxes as the common people. He made the banks give loans to anyone, which caused later problems with states. He also implemented the spoils system, which let anyone educated into the government that he chooses. Jackson also got rid of many laws that he did not like. He did most of this for the better of the American people. As such, The Cherokee tribe took to court the Indian Removal Act and won their land back, but Jackson disobeyed the court's ruling and forced the Indians to leave anyway.On the other hand, the change that he made where everyone can get a loan means that the banks went bankrupt and that cause the economy to crash. The Age of Jackson certainly made some changes to the
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