Everest, By Guy Moreau's 'Why Everest?'

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According to the article, “Why Everest?”, by Guy Moreau, “There have been over 230 deaths on the mountain.” People that put themselves in risky situations, should be permitted to rescue services no matter the price that needs to be paid. The expensive machines used to rescue people can give a profit. With the newly found technological advancements, rescuers should be able to save more people than ever. And lastly, unexpected, harsh conditions can throw off any climber’s experience and leave them with no other option but to rely on these services. Mountains often contain a large number of harsh environmental conditions. To begin with, expensive machines used to rescue people can give a profit, which provides them with absolutely no problem dealing…show more content…
When reading, Why Everest?, by Guy Moreau, it says, “...may have faced bad weather,...struggled up the icy slopes of the ‘death zone.’‘A person cannot survive in this zone for more than two days because of the lack of oxygen and the extreme temperatures.’” Guy tells the reader that severe weather issues can happen at any time, and we have to be prepared for when it does get alarming, and we have to take precautions. Also, in the passage, Why Everest?, by Guy Moreau, it states, “... this problem has been made by the large number of climbers who want to conquer Everest….Climbers are delayed and can suffer exposure and use their precious supplies of oxygen.” This tells us that people are scared when they know that the weather can change dramatically at anytime, and loads of people who rather go on these adventures knowing rescue workers are there to help, if you anything were to happen. Moreover, we know that the weather can shift from sunshine to blizzard, just like that. But what people aren't sure about is, are rescue workers going to save them when they get stuck in a situation where weather plays a huge role in that. They don't get the certainty some people want and need, to feel
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