Everest Simulation Reflection

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The Everest simulation has help me to virtually practice the management theories of leadership and decision-making. Especially in leadership, as I was given the opportunity to be a leader, I have experienced the challenges when handling a group with members that are new to me. At the beginning, I felt awkward and scared to speak up and lead the team because I do not want them to perceive that I forcefully involved myself and also directing them too much. In addition, reflecting back made me thought how the members were relying on me as the leader to lead them in which I did not do well. I learned that a leader should expect the team to look at the leader to have the ability to motivate and support them (Giltinane 2013). Therefore, I learned…show more content…
As a leader, this was wrong because a leader should be rational and able to understand what is the whole objectives that the team should complete (Bedell-Avers, Dzieweczynski, Hunter & Tate 2011). Hence, I learned that it is best to discuss with the team at the beginning what is the whole picture that team should have in mind rather than to be jumping to the conclusion that the given information is right or wrong. Moreover, from the first attempt, I learned that in a team development, a leader can use different leadership styles to direct the team to attain the goal because there were multiple situations that require various types to handle it. For example, I had experience that in the discussion, I should participate by providing inputs and suggestions but when making a decision I have to choose the final as in the simulation if the leader has made a decision before the members, it will become the final decision for the whole group. This was difficult for me as there was the pressure of making a mistake. However, the team was supportive and initiative along the way, especially the physician, which made me confidence throughout the
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