Everglades Speech Analysis

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Obama spoke about climate change in the Everglades located in Homestead, FL. of April 22, 2015. Obama had a good introduction because he explained where he was and the holiday, which all related to the topic his speech was going to focus on. Obama clearly stated that part of the reason he was there was to address climate change because it was threatening the Everglades, which he referred to as a treasure. In the beginning Obama engaged all his audience by acknowledging his audience watching him though the news with hand gestures and by inviting everyone who has not visited the Everglades that they should because he recommends it. I would argue that this made the audience such as myself feel a personal connection with him and the Everglades. He emphasized how important the Everglades are by referring to it as ‘one of America’s national treasures”. I believe this really spoke to the audience because his audience seems to be people who are passionate about Earth Day and want to preserve the Everglades. I would argue that by Obama recommending the Everglades people would get more concerned about it because the audience that hasn 't gone probably wants to go now that the president recommended it. Obama argues why it…show more content…
He had a good concrete list of possible dangers such as deeper droughts, longer forest fires, and stronger storms. He backed up his facts with credible sources such as the worlds top climate scientist or individuals who see patients and kids dealing with the health impacts. Obama also quoted the Pentagon, which I would argue really helped his argument because he stated that ‘the Pentagon says that climate change imposes an increasing set of risks to our national security’. I believe he this quote really worked toward his advantage because when someone says ‘national security’ America tends to listen and
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