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Value Proposition Offered
Though the products designed & manufactured by Everlast composites Pvt. Ltd. are costlier than the substitutes that are available in the market. But in the long run, if we look at the value proposition that is being offered are more than enough to substantiate the fact that the purchasers should go for this new product being developed at Everlast. Some of them are mentioned below-
1) Corrosion resistance: Composites resist damage from the weather and from harsh chemicals that can eat away at other materials. Everlast products will be good choices where chemicals are handled or stored.
2) Strength Related to Weight: Strength-to-weight ratio is a material’s strength in relation to how much it weighs. Composite materials
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Emphasise business benefits, service improvements, risk reduction, low maintenance, reliability, lifetime costs, etc.
4) Value added proposals: Offer proposals that are both generally valued by government, and relate to the particular requirements of the Request for Quote (RFQ) or Request for Tender (RFT).
5) Pricing Factors: It is difficult for Everlast Composite to compete on price. However, the pricing strategy should be reasonable.
6) Contract Management: Availability of resources to do the work in a cost-effective way to meet the client's needs, hit deadlines and respond flexibly to changing situations.
7) Risk Management: Ability to manage - potential financial, commercial and legal risks that could cause contract failure.
8) References: Provide recent references directly related to key requirements in the RFQ or RFT, which address the key capabilities in the evaluation criteria.
The inclusion of these factors will enable Everlast composites not only provide the value added services that the various clients these days are looking for but also will enable it compete in this space. It can create the niche for itself by aggressively communicating the following
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‘value proposition that is being offered by FRP products’ across the different channels thereby enabling proper communication.
2) Common message via a campaign
3) Creation of a positive image of the product
4) Encourage customer participation
5) Word of mouth and awareness increase
6) Acceptance in the common public (end users) Along with these mediums, Everlast composites can associate with the various social campaigns that are viral currently in media which will create the publicity of the products that are being manufactured by Everlast. These campaigns can be like-
 Swach Bharat Abhiyaan which is the brain child of Modi government & is currently garnering lot of publicity in the online as well as offline media.
 The sulabh movement
An association with any of the above movements will help establish an instant connect with the target audience as well as gain the required marketing that the company currently lacks.
As per our estimates, the budget allocation across the channels is as given below- It can thus be inferred that if the Everlast adopts for the marketing campaigns that are being recommended by us, they are in for the huge gains as well as the competitive advantage which they are not able to enjoy as of

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