Everlasting Eleanor Roosevelt Thesis

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The Everlasting Eleanor Roosevelt A lost, awkward, young girl finds her place in the world while becoming a monumental figure in history. Eleanor Roosevelt lost both of her parents at a very young age. However, she still had amazing opportunities and studied abroad under very brilliant women. Eleanor married Franklin Roosevelt on March 17, 1905 and eventually become the first lady of the United States (Ward 1). Despite living in a time period where women were repressed, Eleanor Roosevelt managed to rise above and demonstrate true compassion to the entire world and becoming an amazing role model to women. Eleanor believed that all people deserve equal opportunities in life. During the second world war, Eleanor used the time that men were away …show more content…

“[Eleanor Roosevelt] served as both an official and unofficial advisor to groups trying to aid refugees from the Spanish Civil War. After Kristallnacht, she worked with the Emergency Rescue Committee, the U.S. Committee for the Care of European Children, and the Children's Crusade for Children. She also offered key support to Varian Fry's rescue operations. Her support for refugee work was so public that she received hundreds of petitions from people trying to enter the United States.” (“Questions” 1). Refugees are people who are forced to flee their country due to war, natural disasters, or persecution. They are faced with dangerous journeys to find safety and many do not survive. It was extremely important to Eleanor that these helpless were brought to safety. However, she had her hands tied when it came to supporting refugees due to the close minded views on foreigners at this time. However, she worked every resource available. “She lobbied diligently for the Child Refugee Bill which would have allowed 10,000 Jewish children a year for two years to enter the United States above the usual German quota, but Congress refused to pass the bill. When the United States entered the war in December 1941, she continued to advocate a more open policy and to assist individual refugees to gain admittance to the country.” (“Questions” 1). Eleanor fought directly with certain quotas to enable refugees into the United States for safety. She knew that bringing the refugees into the United States was their best bet to safety, so she fought relentlessly to make it

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