Everlost Book Report

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The book, Everlost by Neal Shusterman is about two kids named Nick and Allie who are travelling with their families in separate cars. The car that Nick 's dad is driving hit a piece of metal in the road causing Nick’s dad to lose control of the car and drive into the other lane. Neither Nick or Allie had a seatbelt on and when their cars collided head on. Both Nick and Allie were thrown through the windshields of their parent’s cars. They are then are headed down a tunnel toward a bright light. They bump into each other throwing them off course. A young boy finds them asleep and waits nine months for them to wake up. The young boy does not remember his name because he has been dead for a long time. So Allie calls him Leif, Leif then slowly helps Allie and Nick realize they are dead. Leif himself has died in a flood. Allie is then determined to go to her home because she realizes her father might have died…show more content…
Allie lies and says if they do she will call the Mcgill on them. The rogue boys hesitate but then they figure out that Allie is lying, and when she is shoulder deep into the living world ground Lief comes running from the woods where he stays and scares the boys and saves Allie and Lief agrees to stay with Allie and Nick until they get to there houses. Before they get to there homes they arrive in New york city and discover the twin towers. Where they find a bunch of kids playing and a expert of dead children, Mary Hightower though the twin towers are not real it exist in the everlost plain and is filled with children where they used to stand. After a while of staying at the tower Allie soon finds out that the children who live in the tower are caught in a routine and do the exact same thing day after day. While Nick is in love with Mary and spend most of his time with her and Lief is stuck in his own routine playing pac-man day after
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