Eversmann's Explanations Of War

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10. In the first chapter, the author was detailed describing: Eversmann’s point-of-view, explanation of the “chalks”, the explanation of the Somali civil war, the poverty, the rangers, the warlords, and the illustration of Seal Team six. However, since this chapter was told from Eversmann’s view, he could have shared his thoughts and his feelings other than what is currently going on in the military service. For example, the author could describe his loneliness or isolation from his family, such as his mother or wife. Bowden can also include why Eversmann chose to be a sergeant and fight for his own country. For instance, he decided to join the military, because it was his only choice since he did not want to go to college. However, in the…show more content…
These rangers were proud of their rank or status. They trained for war full-time, and they volunteered in different areas to get accepted into the army. Most of the Rangers came out of high school, and they do not “goof-off”, because they see themselves in a higher standard than the normal soldiers. Basically, the Rangers were proud of wherever they are at in the army, and they even feel enthusiastic about their job, “their grunted Hoo-ah greeting[s]” (Bowden 9). Furthermore, these Rangers hoped for missions and war, but nothing qualified for war, as they yearned for battle. During this scene in the book, I fully understood the fact that the Rangers were different from the Deltas. However, I completely disagree with the fact that coming out of high school and having a positive attitude, without having a real battle combat experience, is a great idea to pursue them and place them in war. Their emotions during a real battle could affect their performance, it happens to every soldier to feel fear, because the result is between life and death. On the other hand, this scene caused me confusion is the actions of the Rangers, that seems incompetent during a battle. Of course, having the motivation and courage from others can help them be brave to fight the battle, but would it also affect how they perform in the battle? For example, not knowing where the location of the target houses, allies, and enemies could…show more content…
I enjoyed this quote, partly, due to my Catholicism. I feel like Eversmann said this before he took off, because he tries to look for faith in the most undesirable situation. Also, the Hail Mary is rich in meaning and is meant to lead people to reflect deeply on their faith. The character must have said this because it is his way of finding hope without a family member next to him that would support him. Rather, he looks from the above and hopes for the best. He asks for Mary as the sinless Mother of Jesus, the one who gave birth to the Savior, that played a role in salvation. Then, he prays for his sin, such as killing people in the battlefield. I also like the fact that he is not embarrassed about being religious during a battle, he communicated his beliefs through his thoughts, despite the fatal combat in the near
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