Every Child Is Special Essay

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Plot/Theme of Movie
Main theme of the movie is that “Every child is special.” Every child is gifted but they are unwrapped these at different times. A teacher and a boy with learning disabilities share a special bond. This movie is about an eight year old child name Ishaan who has a neurological disorder, Dyslexia so that he can`t study and every time failed in the class. His parents and even his teachers didn`t understand his problem and always blame him that he is dumb and careless. Parents keep taunting him about his inability rather than helping him. He is more interested in things like colors, fish, dogs and kites and hates school and studies. His elder brother Yohaan was so genius and also good in sports. One day he has not do the Math homework, he bunk the school and roam on the road. Then the absent note saw his father and as a punishment did his admission in boarding school and to learn the discipline. The situation was also same there and all the teachers were so rude and strict. This situation leads him into a state of fear and depression with the trauma of separation with his family. Therein Ishaan befriended with the class best student, Rajan Damodran. Then a new temporary art teacher came and identifies his problem because he was also suffer from that disorder. He discusses the problem of Ishaan with his parents and with time, patience and care; he ultimately helps Ishaan
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He is my favourite character because he was the only person who understand the real cause of Ishaan`s failure in the studies. He changed the life of Ishaan and he was the motivational force for him. Ram was able to reveal the capabilities of Ishaan by using educational psychology. If Ram didn’t spend his time on the Ishaan he will remain in the darkness. He plays the real role of a good teacher and a teacher should be like him.
Maintenance of
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