Every Day Use Movie Analysis

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I heard the news about the new film that you are making which is Mother Over Struggle. which is basically telling a story about an African American good mother who has a careless son that do not care about anything but himself. Even though the mother has worked so hard just to take care of him and to get him the best education that any young man deserves. And how that mother kept treating him nicely after all what he has done to her of mean things. after all the careless son has found the love of his life, a beautiful young woman who has grown up in a rich family. So the son left his mother a lone with nobody to take care of her and went to live with his beloved girl who is more selfish than her boyfriend. And after long time of leaving his mother’s alone here he is finally comes to visit his mother by telling her a fake story about how he is ashamed of his action toward his mother. But he is actually waiting for her to die so he can take the house for himself and his selfish girlfriend according to my good experience in this field I would recommend Mama Jonson for this Film, because I believe that she has the experience doing these kinds of acts. Also she is an African American as it required for the movie. In the story Every Day Use that was written by Alice Walker, she was a good mother who has a 2 daughters who have completely deferent attitudes. One daughter called Maggie, this girl loves her mother so much and she always help her and take…show more content…
I have talked with her about this opportunity of being a part of Mother over struggle film, and she seems so excited about that. She is also ready to meet with you in order to discuss everything that need to be discussed. I believe that Hollywood is the perfect place for this talent to be in, also Hollywood crew will help Mama Jonson to improve her talent over time. Also I believe that the audience will love her as an
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