Every Student Should Learn How To Cook Essay

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When a child learns something, it will stay in his memory for the rest of the life. So, it is important to teach the student the basics of the lifestyle so that they can be more responsible in the future. Cooking is a lifestyle component, and it is an essential skill to learn because without food no one can live. Based on that, every student in Qatar should learn how to cook because they benefit a great deal from this knowledge, especially for the students because if they learn when they are young, they will keep doing it, and there are people against this step because they see it from a different point of view. Although some people oppose the idea that every student in Qatar should learn how to cook, it is an action that is a step in the right direction because it will help the student in many areas, and they should learn it at the schools as cooking classes.…show more content…
However, that is not the truth, the student in Qatar should learn to cook because it will help them to make their own healthy food in the future when they are starving. In addition to that, students should learn to cook in the school because this step will prepare them for the future, and as the time passes they can improve this skill. Learning the principles of cooking could be a useful step because parents will only prepare the food and will not teach the students how to cook if they need to do in any situation. Moreover, learning how to cook will add confidence to the students and will let them depend on themselves more, and that prove that the opponents claim is not
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