'Every Villain': A Change In Perspective

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A Change in Perspective
As we go through life we form and change our beliefs. One of my personal philosophies is “sometimes you need to take a step back and look at other perspectives.” One of the quotes that remind me of this is “Every Villain is a hero in his own mind”, it is a quote from the actor Tom Hiddleston as his character Loki in the movie the Avengers. I really like this quote because it reminds you to take a step back and analyze the situation from both sides. Though this was not my belief when I was younger, through the years my ideas and beliefs began to change and Transform into the beliefs I have now.
My belief when I was a child was every bad person knew they were bad. I think I believed this because in my mind as a child there was only black and white, no confusing gray area. Which also made me believe that if all bad people knew they were being bad, then there would not be as many out there because they would know they needed to change their ways. Life was much simpler when I was younger. Even the cartoons, we would watch had distinct differences between the “bad” guy and the “good” guy. I feel my parents also tried to hide the confusing gray area from my childhood as much and as long as possible. When I asked my mom if she did she said “Things that did not
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It is a good way to remember that not everyone will believe that what you think is right, is right. I believe you should take a look for the different perspectives in every situation. Especially if you do not like a decision someone else made, because you never know what decisions made up someone 's mind. Next time you should take a look at both perspectives before you come up with your decision the outcome may surprise you and remember you might be the protagonist of your story but you are not the protagonist of everyone else

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