Everybody Wants Some Character Analysis

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A year and a half removed from releasing the coming of age tale Boyhood, Richard Linklater offers audiences Everybody Wants Some, a college sports comedy film. Meant as a spiritual successor to Linklater’s 1994 masterpiece, Dazed and Confused, Everybody Wants Some tells the story of college baseball players starting out their college life three days before their fall semester starts. Jumping from party to party, Linklater has delivered yet again in giving audiences another relaxing and fun time. With a cast of mostly unknowns, the most famous of actors ranging from Ryan Guzman (The Boy Next Door) to Zoey Deutch (Suite Life on Deck), Everybody Wants Some is more of a character study than your usual story driven film. There is a romance thrown in, but that’s not the main focus of the film, nor should it be. The main focus is…show more content…
Now, the characters in Everybody Wants Some are great, even if they are ungodly obnoxious. Most of the characters are arrogant, hyperly sexual college boys. Under a different writer, these characters would come off as generic or boring, but Linklater is able to give each character enough development and screen time to make you see under their rough exterior. Glen Powell as the mustached smooth-talking virgin, Finnegan, is a personal favorite, as he spouts deep philosophical teachings to his group of obnoxious baseball teammates. Blake Jenner as Jake, pulls off the nice guy performance perfectly and his chemistry with Zoey Deutch’s Beverly works very nicely too. Justin Street as Jay Niles, an egotistical transfer pitcher from Detroit with an anger problem, steals almost every scene he is in. Though Jake is our main character in a sense, Everybody Wants Some does not have a conventional main character. It’s a film about all of the people on this baseball team and the parties they go to, the fights they get in, and their occasional breaking of the
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