Everyday By David Levithan Analysis

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Many people all over the world face many emotional challenges throughout his or hers lifetime. Most of the time these average problems in everyday life can be resolved. But other times these problems can affect you and the people in your life that you care about. In the books Every you, Every me and Everyday by David Levithan there are examples of teenagers and how they deal with these problems. Along with several comparisons these books are very alike in more ways than one, with very few contrasts.
Rhiannon is a junior in high school who is shy and reserved. So far she has made it through high school without anyone noticing her abusive relationship with her boyfriend Justin. In the book Everyday you watch the neglect slowly send her down an unhealthy downward spiral. But all things are going to change when a new guy who ends up becoming her best friend (who wants to be more than friends) notices Rhiannon 's problem. This guy is named A and describes Rhiannon as “Lost in her sadness.” A tries to help Rhiannon as much
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In the two books that you have read about you can see several examples of how these stories are very similar. One of the main reasons these books were similar was the fact that there was two teenage girls that were going through difficult things in there lives. Also there was two different boys who wanted to help their friends. Over time these girls became dependant on these guys a little more than they should have. Ultimately with the guys only focusing on these girls. Their emotional health started to suffer as well. Although it is important to remember that it 's healthy to have good friends to help you out of the bad situations. You shouldn 't become so dependent on someone. That you no longer have the ability to think for yourself. Unfortunately it is the reality for many to be too attached to others. But there are several different ways you can find the help that you need. That doesn 't always include affecting another person in a negative
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