Everyday David Levithan Analysis

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The author of the novel, Everyday, Mr. David Levithan, gives the readers a genderless, faceless, and virtually nameless protagonist who still manages to be endearing and emotionally resonant. Leaving a question—can a love between a bodiless soul and a real human possibly work—captivates on its own, the novel’s greatest strength lies in its ability to capture many different experiences of young adults. From stress to depression, the daily struggles of A’s bodies transform this love story into a brilliant mediation on teen life. The novel is called as wise, widely unique love story of a teen. The story began with a confusing jump start that bridges me to confusion. The confusion made me read the whole story in order to understand the role of the two main characters who are mysterious, romantic, and wise. And also to identify the situation of the story through its setting which is confusing, imaginable, and dull.

A teenage bodiless and genderless character
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A is a representation of the reality in which he presents that we can’t get everything what we want even though we hardly want it. He is the lesson for all those still believing that there is still a chance. He is the signification that it is better to accept the truth of fate rather than waiting for nothing.

As A continued his doing in which it is his essence, Rhiannon also did a great job in which she just buried the memories between her and A in her heart. Rhiannon is a representation of loyalty because though she will meet new men in her life but she did buried their memories together with A in her heart where no one can ever replace it. Rhiannon serves as a lesson for those people who are still holding in their past where she shows that it is now time to turn away from the past and use those memories as your strength towards the present
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