Everyday Speech Research Paper

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Everyday Speeches
When you go to meetings and conferences, you should be prepared, just in case you are called upon to present. Those who have a reputation for being talented speakers may be called upon if a planned public speaker does not show. If you have a talent for speaking, prepare a speech in an area that you are an expert (King). Do not be obnoxious and speak at every meeting you attend. But if you are asked to fill in for another speaker, be ready and willing. Perhaps, you have already given a presentation that is similar to what you are being asked to present. Use portions of previous presentations. To gain experience in giving extemporaneous and impromptu speeches, join a Toastmasters Club.
If you are asked to say a few words at a meeting at work, a ceremony, or a family event, briefly share with your audience. Again, you do not want to be the obnoxious person who drones on and on at events, but there are many opportunities where you should give brief speeches. For example, if you are
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Think of the impromptu speech as a two-minute informative or motivational speech. The organization is the same but condensed. You will have an introduction, body, and conclusion. You can use topical organization where you make one or two points, support the points with examples, anecdotes, and/or supporting data. If the speech is to be persuasive, you would probably use problem solution order. For example, if you are asked to persuade or inspire an audience at a charity fundraiser, think about the purpose of the organization. What is the problem that the organization is trying to solve? Mention that problem and then state that the solution is why you are there. Back it up with a specific testimony of how someone was helped by the work of donors and volunteers. Do not ramble on. If you have five minutes to prepare, write the main points that you will make and be
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