Everyday Life Characters In The Jonathan Livingstone Seagull Story

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The Jonathan Livingstone Seagull story can be listed under the most celebrated inspirational fable of our time. It is a story about a gull that was different from all his peers. He had no interest in being like any other seagull with the aim to fly back and forth for the sake of eating. He was mesmerized by the thought of flying and its ability to set them free. He practiced for days and nights alone away from his parents and peers to master the techniques of flying. He broke the record of a high speeding gull with a speed that reached more than two hundred fourteen miles per hour. Going back to his lads to show them his great discovery and to share with them his incredible breakthrough, he was astonished to find himself beheld inside the circle…show more content…
The wise man like Chiang, his instructor Sullivan… This story can be related to everyday life experiences that a person faces. In many societies, It is clear that people are not open to change (Flock as an example), however Jonathan had his stand against them and did not obey their rules and regulations because it will not fulfill his needs of reaching success. A person should not be bound by the rules of his society if he aims to prosper and reach higher goals no matter how differently he acts and thinks. No matter what the limitations are, eventually if there the will exists, there always is a way to reach it. All these thoughts of going against the flow and dis-obeying laws and restrictions arises after the person discovers himself. His capabilities and what he is able to do or not to do. Self-awareness and self-discovery are the reasons that led Jonathan to be seen by his peers as a God/Devil. It is when a person thoroughly discovers himself where he becomes able to clearly set goals and reach perfection in what he does and try his best to achieve his aims no matter what others think of
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