Everyday Life: Examples Of Critical Thinking In Every Day Life

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Critical Thinking In Every Day Life In the last several months the company that I work for has come across several complex issues. They have all pointed themselves to the shipping manager. We have had multiple problems with shipping employees not being at their full potential of because of the shipping manager not setting rules are goals. This makes the department very weak and vulnerable for mistakes to happen. In the last couple weeks, several orders have been shipped to the wrong addresses or have been shipped with the wrong items. This can cost the company a lot of time and a lot of money to correct their mistakes. Simply not having good workers affects can affect ran and how they are represented to their customers. Where I work is at a protein company for people who have bypass surgery or band surgery. This protein is for people who cannot eat solid foods for several weeks or months after they go through their surgery. We also sell high quality vitamins and nutrients that lack in the protein. Meaning people’s lives are at risk if shipment gets delayed and if vitamins get shipped incorrectly. Critical thinking could save the company. The company needs to identify the issue they have encountered in order to prevent this from happening to more customers. The ability to think clearly and rationally is important for whatever we choose to do. Critical thinking is a metacognitive skill. What this means is that it is a higher-level cognitive skill that involves thinking about

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