Everyday Use Maggie Character Analysis

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In the short story “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, there is a sibling rivalry between two sisters: Dee and Maggie. Although we do not know who is older than the other, we can assume that Dee is older than Maggie, because Maggie is in constant “awe” of Dee (46). One of these sisters is spoiled almost too much. Another sister is more academically intelligent. However, only one out of the two sisters cares about her family more than herself. This is how Dee is different from Maggie and vice versa. There are a few similarities between Dee and Maggie. For instance, they both grew up in the same house (until Dee went to Augusta for schooling). They both would have had the same parents. Maggie is going to be married to John Thomas (49) and Dee might be married to Hakim-a-barber (52);…show more content…
In the first paragraph, it is already stated that the world had never learned to say no to Dee (46): her mother especially. Dee wants a dress for graduation; Mama buys it for her (49). She wants Mama’s butter churn; she obtains that too (53). Compared to Maggie, Dee is much more fashionable. She wants to use the ancient quilts, steeped in family heritage, to be put on display instead of using them as the blankets that they are (55). She’s even willing to do anything that happens to be in style, as evidenced by when she would pin an “orchid” on Mama in Mama’s fantasy. Even though Dee said to her that she thought orchids were tacky, she does it when it is trendy. However, Dee does not care about her family. She did not like her first house and was elated to watch it burn down (49). Also, she left for an education away from her family in Augusta (49). Mama even thinks that Dee was (and is) apathetic towards Maggie (49). Even though one might think that she cares about her heritage, Dee only cares if she’s “supposed to care”; society is looking for that. Dee is heavily shrouded by her style, but in reality, she is a cruel, uncaring
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