Everyday Use Movie Analysis

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Culture is different for many different people. There are many cultures in the world and how everyone’s culture aspects are different depending on your upbringing and your family’s lifestyle is. Culture can be looked at many different ways. Such as food, clothing, language, and many other aspects. Culture can be different for everyone and some people don’t really embrace there culture but on the other hand some people really embrace their culture. In the movie Everyday Use by Alice walker Dee comes home and acts like she has a completely different culture than her mother and her sister Maggie. Dee says “No, Mama,” she says “Not Dee, Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo”. (Everyday Use 61) . Dee says “Hang them” (Everyday Use). Referring to the quilts she yells at her mom because she think that Maggie will actually use them and ruin them. Dee just wants to use them for decorations. Dee is not seeing the sentimental value behind the quilts. How other’s see different cultures can be seen by those people in a whole new world than their own culture. Their perspective can also be different depending on what country they are from. In the story Where Worlds Collide by Pico Iyer the Korean’s arrive in Los Angles. When they arrive there thinking is there going to…show more content…
We see that culture can either be embraced really well or can be embraced a little bit or not even at all. In Everyday use we see that Maggie embraces her culture but Dee on the other hand she acts like she has a completely different culture than her family. In Two ways to belong in America we can see that the Koreans are doing what they are comfortable with and going to places they are comfortable with. They are not exploring America’s culture where they came to visit. Culture is a different perspective for everyone in the world and how they look at other culture’s and it just depends on how you were raised and your family
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