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Yeti's Need Love Too Love takes an imaginary twist in Motke Dapp's inventive romantic comedy Everyday Yeti. Love is a complicated process. I know, like you needed to hear that. Yes, on its surface it's a one on one game, but when you look deeper into the playbook, you realize there are other players involved. There's the other person's family. If you marry her, you marry her family. Oh, there are sometimes pets too. Can't forget those allergies! And yes, there are the friends. Some can be supportive, others ... not so much. But what if your friend is imaginary? She's an imaginary friend who is looking for love too. Never thought about that, huh? Well luckily Motke Dapp has, and in doing so has made one of the quirkiest and most divine short films in recent memory.…show more content…
A film de femme is a genre unique to 48 Hour Film Projects, which invented the category to encourage strong female roles. It is easy to see how romantic comedies easily slide into this genre, given that many feature strong female characters and boy, Everyday Yeti has that! Sara Antonio as Yeti is an absolute wonder! She steals the show straight from the get go. In a clever opening, Dapp has Phineas (played sublimely by Matt Williams) sit alone at a table waiting for his date. At the beginning of the shot he is alone, but as people cross the frame, clever editing reveals Yeti is there and once she shows up, you don't forget her. Antonio tackles all the emotions usually reserved for "real people" and in doing so shows us our imaginations have feelings too. The entire cast is top mark, but it is Antonio who truly shines. Helping that shine is the beautiful cinematography by John Matysiak. It has all the colors and lightness associated with romantic comedies. The editing by Ken Conrad is as on the mark as Dapp's dialogue. Ghost Pictures, the film's production company, hit a home run with this

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