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Mankind has always been inspired to attain worldly prosperity, searching for peace of mind that came not from humane conduct but materialistic lusting. We have managed to change the meaning of life in multiple ways, creating devices that aid man on his journey to discovery, but there is particular journey we have never been able to confidently account for; Death. The morality play, Everyman, creatively tackles the existence of man, the choices he has made, the imminent arrival of death and the consequences thereof, reflecting a heavy ethical bearing that questions the morality of mankind. Everyman is a hard hitting play that forces one to realistically reflect on their actions, thoughts and decisions and realize that they each have consequences,…show more content…
In its approach to related themes, traditions and staging’s, medieval dramas were overtly religious, hoping to instil within the people of the era a fervent, perfect moral standing. Everyman is written in allegory, with each character driving the major conflict. The action begins in Heaven, when God orders Death to summon the protagonist, Everyman. The action then moves to Earth, and since the authors intention for the main character was to represent all of mankind, the action could potentially be set anywhere on Earth. Everyman remains one of the few morality plays to have been remembered and taught in modern times due to its age old relevance to mankind. Everyman is intellectual in its method by actively involving the spectator not only through emotion but also allowing them to indulge in the discovery of the characters, their meanings and the importance of the way they were arranged in the context of the play. The plays cultural setting is found in clear references to Confessions, Penance, Unction, Viaticum and Eucharist, all Catholic traditions that enabled man to be pure of body, mind and spirit, which were true to the Roman Catholicism of the

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