Everyman As A Morality Play

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In this essay ill be discussing the following points that concern the morality play called everyman. In this essay I will be breaking down the play as a whole and highlighting, and analyzing the meaning of the play. The morality play everyman is set or based during the roman catholic era during the 15th century. This play is set on earth, as everyman represents the whole of mankind. The other characters that are found in this play are the messager, God, death, fellowship, kindred, cousin, goods, good deeds, knowledge, confessions,beauty, strength, discreation, the five wits and last but not least Angle. What attracts the reader is the moral story that they will take from the play, that all man will be brought before god and will be judged according…show more content…
Everyman must have his own account and make sure that his good deeds are always strong and are kept healthy. God loves us all and we are all his children therefore if we sin we must repent of our sins so that we can be forgiven and in turn will make the road to the grave much easier.
The motives of the morality play is to send a message to everyman which is the whole of mankind there is life after death and that man must not be selfish and remember where they came from and where they are going. The things we have here on earth wont get us to heaven and that worldly goods have no value in
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I would like to conclude this essay of the morality play everyman by stating that this is life long lesson that will be experienced in our lives and that of our future generation, the main purpose of this play is so that us as mankind must judge ourselves to see if we are worthy of the heavenly kingdom and that what we do on earth shall be done in heaven and we must not neglect our
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