Everyman Morality Play Analysis

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Everyman morality play was produced in the 15th century. Basically it was set in a form of a religious way because of its styles. “And it was set on the 1508 in Salem a small town on Colonial Massachusetts by an anonymous author this play was established in the Roman Catholics of which tells how religious the play would be” (Jokinen, A.1999). This play begins with the messenger of God, telling everyman what he must do in his journey of life and what upsets God, because if he does not follow God’s commandments he will die. The intention of the play Everyman is to teach a lesson and confess the truth at the end. And it tells clearly that every human being in their life-time do make a lot of mistakes. What is most important is that good deeds never leave Everyman, but it accompanies him even to his grave. This essay focuses on how Everyman lost his way and got into many temptations, judgment, abandoned by friends, and repentance, because Everyman realizes where he went wrong. Everyman play is a bit different from other well-known plays, because of its setting and style. “This play centers everyman whom is taken by wealth, golden riches of this world and other worldly things” (Kolve (1972). Throughout the play, Everyman is the one who is falling into temptations, and he is ignorant because he has been told of what God wants but he kept on sinning continuously because it was pleasant to him. At the beginning of the play, Everyman was warned by death messenger telling him exactly
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