The Symbolism In The Stalking Of Everyman

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Everyman who plays the protagonist in the morality play titled “The summoning of Everyman”, which is well known as Everyman today, focuses on self-wealth and riches without considering the judgment that awaits him in the afterlife. The play “Everyman” is about a complacent Everyman who is informed by Death about his approaching end (123HelpMe2015). Everyman can be considered as any human being in the entire world who is facing his pilgrimage, which means a religious journey to a sacred place. This essays main focus is the protagonist however accompanied by the bits of information that leads Everyman to his betrayal, leaving him isolated and lonely.
Everyman is set in the medieval times, during the late mid fifteenth century. It uses allegorical characters to question Christian salvation and what Everyman can do to obtain it. During medieval times the religion that dominated was Christianity in the form of catholic religion, people believed in the abundance of God and that all evil that was found was caused by Everyman’s rebellion towards God. The plays setting begins in heaven when God sends Death to summon Everyman, considering that Everyman symbolizes every
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The characters are symbolized as Man in this this play to probably show how selfish Man can be in a way. Good deeds, Confession and also Death are personified supporting main characters for the reason that Everyman finds refuge in Good deeds who agrees to accompany Everyman to his afterlife but sometimes a Man’s good deeds are not strong enough to lift him up and this is what we find in the play everyman. Everyman confesses to Confession who now is given human qualities. Deaths character in my liking appears like he has sympathy for Everyman, but in reality death wouldn’t empathize. Death comes to steal, kill and destroy, even the bible mansions
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