Canterbury Tales Language Analysis

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Everyone is Something Different (An addition to Chaucer's original list of characters) Geoffrey Chaucer is most commonly known as the father of the english language. Prior to Chaucer writing Canterbury Tales there was no written english language, just random languages combined into one. Chaucer was the first write down the language and because of that the spelling is not how everyday words are spelled. The translation into a language that modern americans can understand. Canterbury Tales was written by Chaucer at a very controversial time and because of that he wrote the story in way that would not make him seem like the bad guy. Making up characters and stories that question the moral behaviors of religion, patriarchy, and class nobility. Each character tells a different story with a different meaning. Although Chaucer included a diverse group of characters there are some that he missed. In modern times a few additions would be an athlete, a mother, and an actor. Colin Kaepernick was a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers who chose to kneel during the national anthem before one of his games. This then…show more content…
An athlete, a mother, and an actor are all logical, modern day examples of people who have a large impact on society. An athlete, who chose to go against the tradition of the nation. A mother instilling the proper qualities in her children. An actor proving that fame and fortune have an effect on daily choices. Each of which have their own, different effect on society and prove that the people around have a personal effect on the way our lives are lived. Chaucer knew that his theories of people would not be accepted, so he made en entire entourage and their stories up to be able to portray his feelings towards the society. In modern times things don’t have to made up each person tells their own story with their
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