Everyone Leaves Analysis

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From being beaten and abused, to loved and abandoned, Nieve has had a tough childhood experience. In the book, Everyone Leaves, by Wendy Guerra, Nieve narrates her life of growing up in Cuba. She does not get to have much say in anything that is going on, and the people in her life keep coming and going. The people and experiences that come and go, leave an impact on the people involved with them. When she was younger, Nieve had to put up with always being told what she could and could not do by her father, and it left an impact on her. While Nieve is in an orphanage, she meets a girl named Misuco. This girl tends to think she can do whatever she wants, and since Nieve is the new girl, she tries to test it out. This is shown here, “ I got…show more content…
The life that Nieve lived before made her want to change. The people Nieve has surrounded herself with also make her a different person. It is shown here, “If I want to feel a part of ‘this world’, I need to stay in this circle and not feel so disappointed, much less lose heart”(pg.200). In order for her to feel like she fits in, she lets the people she hangs out around shape her to be quiet and kept to herself. It also makes her another person who is not at all herself, and forces her to keep her true feelings in her diary. All of the men in Nieve’s life have left her, and it takes a toll on her. This is shown here where Guerra writes, “I learned about jealousy, and about jealousy’s many disguises, about dependency, and tearing apart”(pg.245). The men that have left her, have taught her to not trust them, and that they will always end up leaving. This makes her a hard person to get to know, when she is insecure about how she has been treated in the past. People are impacted by the people and the experiences in their lives, and it shapes them to become who they are. While some might think otherwise, and that people stay unaffected by the people and experiences they encounter, Nieve shows the way that she has changed throughout growing up because of the life she has lived. From her dad’s abuse, to the man she loved leaving her, she was not left unaffected. The people may come and go,
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